Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation System

System combines flexible robotics technology and neuroscience. It can provide multiple training modes such as passive training, task-oriented training, as sistance training, resistance training, bilateral mirror training, and active game training, comprehensively covering the period from paralysis to rehabilitation.

Applicable people and departments

Patients with hand dysfunction caused by stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy, hand trauma, orthopedic surgery, etc.

Passive Training

The rehabilitation glove can drive the affected han to execute flexion and extension exercises, and the patient can simultaneously see the 3D hand of this hand on the screen.

Task-oriented Training

With the help of rehab glove and on-screen 3d ani¬mation, users can interact with real objects, which could further enhance patients’learning process and re-educate patients to use hand during the Activi¬ties of Daliy Living(ADLs).

Assistance Training

Syrebo™ rehabilitation glove is able to capture the patient’s weak active movement, then helps him amplify the movement, assists the patient to complete the active movement.

Bilateral Mirror Training

With the help of syrebo™ robotic glove, the healthy hand drives the affected hand, to move synchro¬nously. The simultaneous visual effects and pro¬prioceptive feedback (feeling and seeing hand) are able to stimulate patient’s neuroplasticity.

Active Game Training

Multi interactive hand & brain combined games en¬hance the immersion of hand rehabilitation, make training more interesting and improve patient’s will¬ingness of active participation.

Resistance Training

Syrebo™ glove will give the patient an opposite force, and the patient needs to complete the flexion and extension exercises under resistance.

Syrebo Soft Rehabilitation Glove

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