Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation Glove

System combines flexible robotics technology and neuroscience. It can provide multiple training modes such as passive training, task-oriented training, assistance training, resistance training, bilateral mirror training, and active game training, comprehensively covering the period from paralysis to rehabilitation.

Do you have the following problems?

Unable to pick up objects alone, Unable to eat/drink alone, Unable to dress alone, Unable to read books/play alone.

Passive Flexion & Extension

The rehabilitation glove will drive the affection hand to grasp the small ball/ wáter cup and other objects. Patients could inteligently adjust the time of flexion and extension.

Innovative Mirror Taining

With the help of Syrebo rehabilitation glove, the healthy hand drives the affectted hand to move synchronously, activates the mirror neurons, promotes the autonomics recovery of the brain and speed up the rehabilitation process of hand function.

ADLs Training

The method based on motor control theory emphasizes the specificity of sports training, and reshapes the self-care ability through repeated life scene training.

Syrebo Soft Rehabilitation Glove

Is your best companion!

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