PowerDot MT

Clinical Solutions

The acquisition of PowerDot underscores Therabody’s commitment to democratizing medical technology by bringing industry-leading recovery and wellness solutions. The Powerdot MT Clinic Kit is a revolutionary alectrical stimulation modality which allows clinicians to service their in-clinic and remote therapy needs with a wireless and portable solution via the PowerDot MT Advantage.

The Clinic Kit Advantage

Execute up to 16 simultaneous electrical stimulation sessions at the same time in-clinic using an iPad

  • Execute up to 16 simultaneous electrical stimulation sessions at the same time in-clinic using an iPad
  • Remote capabilities allow clinicians to send electrical stimulation therapy programs directly to an infinite amount of patient’s phones
  • Monitor in-clinic & remote therapy adherence with quantifiable, objective program use data
  • Uncompromised versatility and portability with Bluetooth technology
  • Decrease Estim footprint in the clinic by eliminating long wires, cables, and towers
  • Administer push notifications to remind remove patients to complete therapy session
  • Increase value by renting/leasing PowerDot MT “pucks” for remote use and therapy beyond the 4 walls of the clinic
  • Streamline efficiencies with app software that has 25+ NMES rehab (including triggered NM ES), 30+ TENS/pain management, 10+ performance massage built-in custom protocols addressing over 50+ medical conditions
  • Long lasting magnetic electrode pads for a safe and effective connection
  • PowerDot MT “pucks” provide 6+ hours of continuous use charge

Clinic Kit Includes

  1. (8) PowerDot MT compatible patient pucks
  2. (8) 45cm two-channel lead cable
  3. (8) 15cm two-channel lead cable
  4. (8) 15cm single-channel lead cable
  5. (50) PowerDot MT patient electrode packs
  6. (8) USB charging cable
  7. (8) Patient user manual
  8. (8) Patient carry cases
  9. PowerDot MT charging station cable
  10. PowerDot MT charging station
  11. PowerDot MT iOS based clinician app

(Does not include the iPad)

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