Hospital-06E Rehab Robotic Glove


Except 03E function, extras as below

  1. Task oriented base don daily hand function exercise, like grasp ball.
  2. Single finger training: promote hand function never rehab.

240x160x240 mm.

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  1. Combines flexible robotics with neuroscience.
  2. Cover full stages of the rehabilitation, applicable for patients with 0-5 levels of muscle strength, reducing the burden of repetitive work of the therapists and improving the efficiency of the clinics.
  3. Single/Group Finger training, two modes to switch, select on demand.
  4. Combined with the evaluation and reporting of grip/pinch force, training and evaluation are integrated.
  5. Portable device with built-in power, for rehabilitation at an early bedside stage, applicable for a variety of use scenarios.
  6. Dual-channel group training so that rehabilitation is no need to be waited.
  7. Simple to operate, no complicated setup required, you can start professional training by yourself.
  8. Exclusive pneumatic assistance algorithm, subtle motion intent detection with precisely assistance.
  9. Developed under the cooperation with Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, designated products of the Hand Function Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association.
  10. NMPA/CE/FDA certificated, already entered the markets of 80+ countries & regions, and seviced in 3000+ clinics.