Household C11 Rehab Robotic Glove


  1. Powered by air pressure
  2. Pasasive training
  3. Mirror taining
  4. Game traning
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  1. Combines flexible robotics with neuroscience.
  2. Integrated passive training, innovative bilateral training, and active training, to cover the early, middle and late stages of patients rehabilitation.
  3. Data-based recording of training, make rehabilitation documented.
  4. Customized training plan, no need for cumbersome settings, one click to start professional training.
  5. Sharing of family number records allows family members or therapists to pay attention to or adjust your training status anytime and anywhere.
  6. Professional after-service, at any time and anytime, access to rehabilitation guidance.
  7. Developed under the cooperation with Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, recommended by both therapists and clinics.
  8. CE/FDA certificated, already seviced in 20000+ families.