Noonee Chairless Chair


75% of all employed suffer from back problems.

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All key facts at a glance:

Support of your posture
while working in a sitting position

It takes less than 30 seconds to put on

Do you work while standing or with your back bent?
Then it‘s time to optimize your workplace! With the Chairless Chair, an ergonomic workplace design can be made without much change.

Doctors and scientists recommend
a frequent change between sitting, standing and walking. With the Chairless Chair, this change is possible in seconds.

30 sec. / 2,00 m / 1,50 m
the device and even less time to take it off

Freedom of movement
Replaces disruptive chairs and/or standing supports

Individual seat height adjustment

The Chairless Chair can easily be adjusted to various body types and worn with different safety shoes

Online training
The training can be done online anytime and anywhere.