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An Innovative FES Foot Drop Technology
The G4 technology is safe, effective, durable, comfortable and the most water resistant

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KEEOGO is a SMART Powered Knee Orthosis which can enable people living with Neurological Conditions .

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Hand rehabilitations glove
For Home/For Clinic

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G4 Foot Drop System

Keeogo Exoskeleton

Noonee Chairless Chair

Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation

G4 Foot Drop System

The G4 technology is an innovative safe, effective, durable, comfortable, self-programming, water resistant FES foot drop system. The technology comes with integrated medical grade stainless steel electrodes and a two-year warranty. You can also pay for an extended warranty that covers the device for five years.

Download these forms below

Fill them out and have your doctor sign them and return them to us.
Then our clinician will set up an evaluation with you online after confirming you are appropriate for our technology.
Then we will direct ship a device to you and our clinicians will program it remotely with the clinician APP. 



Your Neuro Rehab Recovery Partner

We provide a comprehensive, effective, neuro rehab recovery technologies at an affordable price.  Email us to get a free evaluation and get a personal device for home!


Our Executive Team has decades of experience in commercializing technologies.

Our Mission

To provide multiple neuro rehabilitation clinical solutions to patients that are effective and affordable.

Our History

We are a new innovative patient focused Company that has a culture of passion, empathy and success.

Why Choose Us

Neuro Rehab Recovery will be a partner in your journey to an enhanced quality of life. We have a full portfolio of technologies and experienced clinicians that can assist you in your recovery. Our focus is you having a successful experience with the technology with improved function.