ExoAtlet EA2

Unlock the Power of Movement

The ExoAtlet portfolio of exoskeletons is designed to provide simple, easy to use technology for clinicians that decreases the effort for therapists and increases treatment productivity and step dosage per treatment.

ExoAtlet is a wearable medical rehabilitation robot for efficient rehabilitation treatment of patients with lower extremity walking using innovative wearable robot technology targeting the entire life cycle from infants to the elderly. We are a leading robot company that develops, manufactures, and distributes walking assistance robots for walking training and industrial wearable suits developed to improve the quality of labor of labor-intensive workers in various industries.

The Adult EA2 for SCI:

  • Eight-hour battery life. Longer than any other Exoskeleton.
  • No tools needed to change sizes between patients.
  • Detachable user interface.
  • Active and passive gait parameters symmetrical and asymmetrical.
  • Adjust speed, step length and step height.
  • User interface digital reporting.
  • Walk in place mode.
  • One step mode.
  • Sit to stand to sit mode.
  • Dual safety systems from the robot and the clinician.
  • Affordable discounted pricing and leasing models.

Technology Benefits

ExoAtlet promises continuous development of advanced technologies to help you dream of a better future.

Expansion of free walking ability

Not only the hip and knee joints but also the ankle movements can be precisely controlled, and in particular, forward walking is realized naturally, maximizing the effectiveness of children’s walking training.

Implementation of a natural walking pattern

The exoskeletons are equipped with technology that accumulates walking data of various healthy people and extracts the most natural walking patterns according to each user. Through domestic and foreign clinical trials, our products are becoming more effective, and research papers are continuously published.

Easy collection, analysis and storage of gait data

By collecting and storing all data about the user’s gait, we can design a gait pattern that shows better training effects according to the user.

Biosignal-based gait evaluation system

The effect of training can be frequently and regularly checked based on the biometric signal detected while walking.

Key Feature

User's Height

5′ ~ 6’3″ ft

User weight up to


Assist & Passive

Walking Mode

Customized Ambulation

Fine-Tuning of Stride Length,Step
Height and Stride Speed

Ankle Movement

Implementation of natural walking patterns


FDA, Korean FDA, CE

Indication of Use

Stroke,Cerebral Palsy,Parkinson’s
Disease,Spinal Cord Injury,Traumatic Brain Injury,Multiple Sclerosis

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Exoatlet Mobility Frame

The Mobility Frame provides a fall safe environment for treatment with the Exoatlet. It allows clinicians to train the patient more intensely and give the patient fall safe confidence. This system is versatile, very easy to move and tracks seamlessly with the exoskeleton. The system also has arms supports and can adjust to the needs of the patient.

Smart Crutches

Adjustable walking aides with an integrated remote control for the Exoatlet system allows patients to safely ambulate and control their robot with ease.