MOTOmed layson edition

Simple operation and modern hygiene management
MOTOmed layson is flexible and easy to move and can be fixed centrally thanks to free rolling casters. The high-quality material of the softly rounded surfaces also meets the high requirements of hygiene management in rehabilitation facilities and clinics.

MOTOmed layson

MOTOmed layson edition

The new generation of movement therapy in supine position: The models of the MOTOmed layson edition offer motor-assisted and active training of legs or arms with impressively intuitive and easy operation. The height of the models of the MOTOmed layson edition can be adjusted seamlessly without effort by means of a gas spring. They can be easily and comfortably driven and can be individually adjusted in just a few simple steps. The orange control elements have an intuitive design. The reduction to just a few operating elements enables fast and effective handling in everyday clinical routine.

Two chassis types available

Parallel chassis

By moving the rails parallel (manually with Allen key), the width of the chassis can be adjusted to different requirements. Suitable for one single adjustment.

Expandable chassis

The two chassis rails can be spread (by using a lever) to enable quick and tool-free adaptation to different applications. Suitable for multiple daily adjustments. *Inward spreading only for MOTOmed layson.l models

MOTOmed Professional Series

For clinics and rehabilitation facilities
The MOTOmed Professional Series are tailor-made devices for versatile use in clinics and rehabilitation facilities.

The basic equipment of MOTOmed prof includes:

  1. Plastic-coated safety foot shells with quick release system
  2. »TrainCare« with plastic-coated leg guides and disinfectable fastening straps
  3. »QuickFix« foot fastening system
  4. Knee bending adjustment incl. adjustment wheel
  5. Plastic-coated handles with quick release system
  6. Removable operating panel
  7. Docking station for removable operating panel
  8. Activation of serial interface