Percussive Massager

Designed by Professionals, Made For Everybody.

What is the fascia that makes your muscles painful?
The fascia is an important connective tissue that wraps muscles. It is divided into deep fascia and superficial fascia.
Sedentary posture or strenuous exercise will result in damage of muscles and fascia, and muscle stiffness.
Such soreness hinders the recovery and growth of muscle elasticity severely.


Wake up your muscle vitality. Relax your fascia.

After Exercise

Defeat lactic acid quickly. Relieve the DOMS.
Piease Percussive Massager
  • 4 Speed Settings
  • 4 Massage Heads
  • 7 Hours Working Time
  • 12 mm Amplitude
  • 45 dB Ultra Silence
  • Customized Nameplate

Ergonomic Hand Held Design
Easier to Message Every Part of Your Muscle

Single handed operation made possible with the ergonomically designed handle offering 3 hand positions. Only requires one hand to use.
“Then enjoy the convenience of deep tissue massage anytime”