The G4 technology is an innovative safe,

effective, durable, comfortable, self-programming, water resistant FES foot drop system. The technology comes with integrated medical grade stainless steel electrodes and a two-year warranty. You can also pay for an extended warranty that covers the device for five years.

Try before you buy

Home Trial – most patients prefer to purchase the G4 technology directly as it is a proven technology that provides a reliable clinical outcome. Some prefer to take the device home and try it first. Contact your assigned clinician and they can arrange a “home trial” of up to four weeks to confirm your decision the technology. The cost is $250.00 for two weeks and $500.00 for four weeks.

Payment Plans 

To ensure access to all patients we are offering a payment plan of $1,500.00 up front and the remaining $1,000.00 within 60 days.

You can also visit these resources for additional funding and assistance.



Self Programming

The G4 programs itself as you walk customizing the program to your specific gait pattern

Water Resistant

The Most Water Resistant FES Foot Drop Technology on the Market. The G4 purchase comes with a two year warranty and you can extend the warranty to five years.

Integrated Medical Grade Electrodes

The G4 has integrated stainless steel electrodes that are easy to clean, offer comfortable stimulation and reduces your monthly cost versus competitive technologies that charge you for disposable electrodes..

G4 Foot Drop System


Get Your Own Device - Made Easy

Email us at info@neurorehabrecovery.com with a request for a free remote telehealth evaluation with one of our clinicians

Download the forms on the home page click here (Patient Questionnaire and Prescription Forms) and fill them out and have your doctor sign them and return them to us. Then our clinician will set up an evaluation with you online after confirming you are appropriate for our technology. Then we will direct ship a device to you and our clinicians will program it remotely with the clinician APP.


Why Choose Us

Neuro Rehab Recovery will be a partner in your journey to an enhanced quality of life. We have a full portfolio of technologies and experienced clinicians that can assist you in your recovery. Our focus is you having a successful experience with the technology with improved function.