MOTOmed pediatric edition: Gracile 12

grows with you

The MOTOmed gracile12 grows with the child thanks to a wide range of adjustment options. For example, the pedal axle with foot shells is height adjustable. The MOTOmed gracile12 is available for lower and upper body training to meet different patient requirements.

MOTOmed gracile12

MOTOmed gracile12

Uniquely child-friendly

uniquely developed for children and smaller adults with limited mobility.

From a height of about 90 cm, children and adults can enjoy the efficient MOTOmed movement therapy with safety functions, motivational games and therapy programs. Upper body trainer.

The quiet motor is conducive for private therapy sessions as well as for exercising at home.

Basic equipment

  • Pediatric safety foot shells and pediatric leg guides with calf shells
  • Smaller inner diameter of 12 cm
  • Sturdy full metal construction, high quality and stable
  • Large, user-friendly display (5.7″)
  • Height adjustment of the pedal axle from 26 to 46 cm
  • 2-stage pedal radius adjustment (3.5 cm or 7 cm)
  • Easily movable with large castors (0 13 cm)
  • Color: blue/white/chrome


  • Passive, active, active assisted and resisted training
  • Electronic foot insertion aid
  • Speed from 1 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • Resistance from 0 to 20 (active)
  • Motor power from 1 to 10 (passive)
  • Presetting of therapy time from 0 to 120 minutes
  • Movement protection and spasm control
  • Quiet, gentle and harmonious cycle movement (Smooth Drive System)
  • Gentle starting and stopping of the movement
  • Safety stop and Symmetry training
  • Therapy and motivation programs
  • Detailed biofeedback during and after training
  • Games
  • Language selection