An Innovative Exoskeleton for Neurological Recovery

The Keeogo is designed to assist with proper gait patterns and assistance with those patients that have difficulty walking. It will enhance the ability to walk further distances with less fatigue. The Keeogo is currently FDA approved for clinic rehab use only.

Enhance Your Patient’s Gait Recovery

The Keeogo provides a technology that will assist your gait treatment protocol and therapy sessions, functional activities of daily living and accelerate recovery. This technology will assist in allowing your patients to walk further with less fatigue.

Effective, Comfortable, Durable and Affordable


Truly Functional

The Keeogo can sit to stand, crouch, lunge and climb stairs. During rehab treatments it allows for gait rehab and the practice of active balance and activities of daily living.


The Keeogo will assist in taking more steps in a safer rehab environment that may correlate with improved gait.

Clinical Partner

We will be your clinical partner offering clinical training, on-going clinical support and offer treatment protocols as part of a complete gait rehabilitation solution for your clinic.

Effective, Comfortable, Durable and Affordable

Smart and Simple

The Keeogo was designed to be effective, comfortable, easy to use and durable. We provide a two-year warranty with the purchase of the Keeogo including maintenance and technical support. The Keoogo technology is affordable and cost significantly less than many other exoskeletons currently on the market.

This easy-to-use exoskeleton allows patients to walk with confidence. The bult in algorithms and innovative engineering allow for self-automation and programming of the Keeogo for customized gait patterns.