Syrebo 08E Hand Rehabilitation

The Syrebo 08 combines flexible robotics technology and neuroscience. It can provide multiple training modes such as passive training, task-oriented training, assistance training, resistance training, bilateral mirror training, and active game training.

This innovative system provides a versatile clinical solution for the full continuum of care and provides a fun motivating immersive experience for the patient which motivates them to recover.

The Syrebo 08 Hand Rehab technology was designed with neuroscience in mind and provides an innovative clinical partner for therapists to provide gross and fine motor movements in high dosage to promote neuro plasticity.

The Syrebo 08 can be used with the upper extremity dynamic brace and the mirror system to provide a complete solution for the upper extremity.

This easy-to-use technology is immersive with game functions and can be combined with cognitive training and with HDMI capabilities can attach to a large screen monitor.

Syrebo 08 has a comprehensive patient management system that is HIPPA compliant. The patients’ treatments can be tracked and exported for printing or importation into the medical facilities EMR system.




Power Glove PG03

Power Glove PG02

Data Glove DG02

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Syrebo Soft Rehabilitation Glove

Is your best companion!


This technology can be used for neuro rehab recovery, post-surgery orthopedic recovery and for arthritis conditions to assist in daily tasks.

The Syrebo 08 is extremely easy to use, provides strong movements if necessary and the treatment solution can be customized to the patients’ need.
It provides the clinician with the ability to provide high dosage gross and fine motor movements that mimic real hand and digit movement.

Try before you buy

We also provide rental and lease models as a try before you buy business models for clinics. Our Syrebo 08 technology costs significantly less than many of the other hand technologies.

Ask us about a remote demo and we also provide AOTA certified CEU courses.

Payment Plans 

To ensure technology access for all patients it may be possible to set up a payment plan. Consult with your clinician for more information.

You can also visit these resources for additional funding and assistance.


Passive Training

The Syrebo 08 can treat the affected hand to execute flexion and extension exercises, while the patient simultaneously gets feedback and guidance from the 3D hand on the screen.

Task-oriented Training

With the help of Syrebo 08 the on-screen 3d animation, can interact with real objects which could further enhance patient’s motor relearning and re-educate patients to use the hand correctly during the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Assistance Training

The Syrebo™ 08 can analyze the patient’s specific lack of function and then helps to amplify the movement and assist the patient to complete the active movement.


With the help of Syrebo™ 08, the healthy hand controls the affected hand, so it moves them together and synchronously. Simultaneous visual effects and proprioceptive feedback (feeling and seeing the hand in real time) can stimulate the patient’s motor training and promote neuroplasticity.


Passive Training

With multiple options for interactive games Syrebo 08 creates an immersive patient experience for hand rehabilitation, making the training more interesting and improves patient compliance and participation.


The Syrebo™ 08 will give the patient a resistive force customized to the patient´s needs and creates a solution for strength and endurance recovery.