The only functional sEMG triggered FES hand recovery technology

The H2 is only available outside the United States as it is FDA pending.

This is a sEMG triggered electrical stimulation technology where the patient volitionally controls there hand and digit movement via functional electrical stimulation.

The Technology

This type of treatment activates the brain and central nervous system, improves recognition, strengthens muscles, and enhances the muscles endurance, coordination, strength. The APP has a patient management system and has NMES, ETS, PAS, EMG and Game modes. The modes are customizable for each patient. The system is designed to be used in clinics or at home to improve function with greater dosage.


The H2 XFT-2003EA Hand Rehab System is a medical device for rehabilitation training for patients who have suffered from hand and digit dysfunction due a neurological injury or disease.

H2 Hand Rehab System

H2 XFT-2003EA detects and monitors the EMG muscle activity signal of a patient’s forearm and delivers electrical stimulation pulses according to EMG signal strength to stimulate the patient’s brain and central nervous system in arder to achieve muscle contraction. With multiple training modes and interactive gaming applications patients can actively participate in the rehabilitation process and receive treatment with greater enjoyment and customization. The device is also equipped with an evaluation functions to establish baseline data and threshold levels as well as track rehabilitation progress to help medica! professionals customize evidence based, objective and effective rehabilitation treatment programs for each patient.


lntended Use


sEMG monitor, displayof maximum/ minimum/average value, objective and quantifiable.

Treatment Prescription

Customizable treatments far various clinical needs.

lntegrated Electrodes

Wearable design, adjustable wristband, stainless-steel electrode, precise positioning, non-consumable material.

Treatment Principie

The XFT-2003E detects and analyzes the patient’s EMG signals in real time through the electrode sensors, and then simultaneously delivers low frequency comfortable electrical stimulation according to the EMG signal which in turn will evoke muscle contraction and enabling patients to actively participate in activities of daily living.