Keeogo Exoeskeleton For Clinc Use Only

Keoogo Exoskeleton – For Inpatient Rehab Use Only – Request A Quote by emailing

The Keeogo is designed to assist with function, proper gait patterns and assistance with those patients that have difficulty walking. It will enhance the ability to walk further distances with less fatigue. The Keeogo is currently FDA approved for clinic rehab use only with a home personal use unit pending FDA approval.

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Keeogo+ is an ambulatory assistive device that is fitted to the lower body and powered at the knee. This computer-assisted orthosis follows the knee joint and provides complementary torque to assist the wearer throughout a variety of activities, namely:

  • Assistance with knee flexion and extension during the various swing and stance phases of gait
  • Assistance with eccentric knee control and knee extension during various weight bearing situations
  • Assistance with knee flexion and extension in stairs
  • Allows for mono-and bilateral, symmetrical or asymmetrical assistance

Keeogo+ does not attempt to move through a predetermined pattern of movements, instead it integrates seamlessly with movements initiated by the user themselves, and provides assistance based on the detected activity. The assistance is customized by the clinician to provide a personalized experience that meets the user’s needs and clinical goals.