MOTOmed muvi


Neuro Rehab Recovery
MOTOmed muvi users can train separately or simultaneously with their legs, arms and upper body. The speed and resistance of the leg and arm/upper body trainer can be adjusted separately. MOTOmed comprehensive movement can effectively improve muscle strength and mobility, as well as, ideally, strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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Technical data
Dimensions (LxWxH): 95-108 x 60 x 124-135 cm
Weight: 51kg
Maximum patient weight: 135 kg
Screen size: 12.1″ / 30.7 cm
Classification: lla according to MDD 93/42/EEC / MDR (EU) 2017/745
Mains voltage: 100-240 V- / max. 120VA,
Mains frequency: 47-63 Hz, equipment c ass 1 / Type BF

MOTOmed muvi