Syrebo 08E Hand Rehabilitation Robot


Syrebo® hand rehabilitation robot combines soft robotic exoskeleton technology and neuroscience, integrates active training and passive training, covers all stages of hand rehabilitation, helps patients to relearn and recover hand motor functions via series of passive and active exercises, to restore self-reliance ability.

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  1. Combines flexible robotics with neuroscience.
  2. Cover full stages of the rehabilitation, applicable for patients with 0-5 levels of muscle strength, reducing the burden of repetitive work of the therapists and improving the efficiency of the clinics.
  3. Integrate multiple scale evaluations and support report printing, evaluation and training integrated in one device.
  4. Support multi-user management, training is more personalized with users independent parameters and training plans, so that rahabilitation progress is evidence-based and data driven.
  5. Single finger training, providing a variety of training scenarios, combining with the game to expand active upper limb training.
  6. Highly integrated rehabilitation-workstation,integrated coordination, strength, motor imagination, cognition, ADL and other more than ten kinds of training in one device.
  7. Supports external screens to provide an immersive experience.
  8. Exclusive pneumatic assistance algorithm, subtle motion intent detection with precisely assistance.
  9. Developed under the cooperation with Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, designated products of the Hand Function Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association.
  10. NMPA/CE/FDA certificated, already entered the markets of 80+ countries & regions, and seviced in 3000+ clinics.