XFT Hand G1


The Newest Rehab tool for the hand

  • A hand rehabilitation device that combines EMG electromyographic feedback via an armband and flexible pneumatic robotic glove.
  • Uses a flexible comfortable air-activated system
  • Multiple preset training programs for passive, active, and resistive training and a mirror trining component
  • Specific programs for full hand movements, fingertip touch training and single finger training, to promote gross and fine motor skills
  • Improves motor function decreases muscle atrophy, and improves ange of motion

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The Pneumatic Robotic Glove is:
– Carefully designed to simulate the human hand Structure
– Allows active, passive, and resisted rehabilitation
– Allows single finger movement fine motor tasks such finger oppositions, and various different grasps
– Ability to adjust air to adapt to patient’s specific strengths and weaknesses

How does the EMG function work?
– The EMG Armband monitors the EMG signal from the healthy or involved limb. This triggers the robotic glove to initiate movement.
– This type of active learning:
– Enhances patients motor function
– Promotes optimal learnig
– Prevents muscle atropy
– The EMG armband on the affected limb to measure increases in muscle activity and progression of patient`s recovery

G1 Kits Includes:
– G1 Controller
– 1 Rehab Glove (you can choose the size and left or right hand)
– EMG dual amband
– Power Adapter
– Tracheal connector
– User Manual
– Portable Case