Syrebo Clinic Technology

Syrebo hand rehabilitation system use innovative Soft Robotic Exoskeleton Technology, combines passive & active integration training together, cover full circle of rehabilitation stage. It can provide a variety of training  modes such as passive flexion & extension training, assistance training, mirror training, active game training, etc. which could accelerate the hand function recovery process and central never reshape .

Syrebo Home Technology

Syrebo® hand rehabilitation glove (for home) combines flexible robotics technology and neuroscience. It has three main functions-passive training, mirror training and ADLs training, helping patients perform finger flexion and extension, reduces muscle tension, relieves edema and stiffness, and promotes the rehabilitation of brain nerve injuries through exercise at same time.
Syrebo® hand rehabilitation glove home machine is small & portable, easy-operating, could do rehabilitation exercises any where and any time.

Why Choose Us

Neuro Rehab Recovery will be a partner in your journey to an enhanced quality of life. We have a full portfolio of technologies and experienced clinicians that can assist you in your recovery. Our focus is you having a successful experience with the technology with improved function.

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